Fashion Studies Online Tutor Feels Like an Impostor

planning tutor Mar 03, 2021

This post will help you understand that just because you have never taught subjects, you'd find in fashion studies online before, this does not make you some impostor.  We all have a right to do things for the first time—this post I have created because of a conversation I had with a potential course creator recently.

She said that she didn't feel qualified to teach online because she had no formal teaching qualifications. "Why would someone pay to be taught by anyone that had never taught before?" she asked.

I told her she was suffering from a degree of impostor syndrome.

Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

According to Wikipedia 

Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

The term was first used in 1978 by clinical...

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The Burnout Factor of the Fashion Business

career life Mar 03, 2021

According to recent studies, one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. If you’re working in a creative job such as fashion, then you’re 25% more likely to suffer. 

Anyone unfamiliar with the industry is going to see it as super glamorous. All that travel, extravagance, lavish sexy parties, colourful and eccentric creative characters, and the drama of it all.


It's not like that, is it

For those really working in it at tailors dummy and pattern blocks, the experience is very different, leading many to experience serious mental health damage. 

Let's face it the heavy workloads and hectic schedules are part of the daily experience forced by cycles for “ready to wear” collections and ever faster fashion, meaning turnaround times of 21 days.

Then there's the heavy diary commitments for fashion weeks and one-off PR events that require round-the-clock availability and commitment. Be there or else.


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Here Are Four Options for Creating An Online Fashion Course. Which Should You Choose?

course creation Mar 03, 2021

You will have heard lots about creating online courses as a means to generate income or build your brand. In the current situation, it may well be something you are thinking seriously about to make an income, whether you are sitting at home unable to work or still working but remotely.

But what are your options for making it all happen? If you've been following us for some time, you'll know that we've written extensively advising you about the nitty-gritty, of course, creation. Just take a look at our blog.

In this post, though, we're zooming out and giving you the broader options so you can see what choices you have apart from the DIY route. We're not going to be selling you on the idea of creating online fashion courses or highlighting all the benefits for you or your business. If you've still need convincing, we'll leave that for another time.

Read this post for some great advice to determine the best route for you to take if creating an online fashion course is on your agenda or...

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12 Ways to Re-purpose Your Fashion Knowledge

create Feb 01, 2021

Anyone in fashion will be familiar with the terms reduce, reuse, recycle. These approaches make sense because we find new ways to create items from existing resources and many other benefits. The same can be applied to our knowledge too. We can reuse or repurpose it in multiple ways to serve our customers and potential students differently.

It saves you time and energy, not having to create output from scratch. Everything hinges around the original piece of content you are sharing your knowledge within. There is always the source, the original item. Repurposing rejuvenates old material and other forms of content and allows you to serve new or existing students.

6 Benefits to Repurposing Your Fashion Knowledge

Repurposing will help you:

  1. Offer a wider content portfolio and expand your reach on multiple platforms.
  2. Boost your search engine rankings and improve your organic reach, so you are found more easily.
  3. Breathe new life into old content.
  4. Meet the needs of...
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The Eight Essential Factors to Address When PLANNING Your Course

course creation planning Jan 11, 2021

I once worked for a German boss that was a stickler for detail and planning. He was a hard taskmaster, and although he drove me to higher performance standards early in my career, his attention to detail in planning was often restrictive. 

Why? Because over planning can slow you down to the point where you never get around to actually executing the plan. Things move on, and plans end up having to be changed again and again.

So the trick is to plan the minimum you need to get started and give you a clear direction of what needs to be done in the future, and then amend your plan periodically as things evolve. 

In this post, I share the eight essential factors to address in your course planning phase so you can actually get started and make progress. I want to help you get things done and not get overwhelmed by the thought of being too much for you to do or frustrated and confused because you don't know where to begin.

Eight Essential Factors in the Planning Phase

In my...

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10 Ways to Increase the Completion Rates of Your Courses

course design Dec 17, 2020

In this post, we're sharing 10 ways to increase your course completion rates by students. Apply all these techniques, and you'll increase completion. Fact.

Apart from the obvious differences between classroom-based courses and online courses, perhaps the biggest one is the attrition rates. I've trained thousands of adult learners in the private sector, and I am confident that the completion rates on my live classroom courses are close to 100%. That's almost all course participants enrol and complete the course. There's the odd exception where someone doesn't turn up for the second day due to illness or a domestic issue that means they need to return home urgently.

When it comes to online classes, all online learning providers experience much lower completion rates. It's just a fact of doing business online. So why do a higher percentage of students drop out?

Reasons For Low Online Course Completion Rates

  1. Courses are too easy and offer no challenge to the student.
  2. ...
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11 Tips For Being Awesome on Camera

creating videos Dec 16, 2020

I understand how nervous and intimidating it can feel being in front of a camera for the first time. It's even worse when you have professionals managing the camera, audio, lighting and makeup! I've been there, done that and experienced it all. There's a lot of pressure on tinggetting your message out and comingng across professionally in a commercial product.

Students are expecting quality from purchases they make,, and whilst there is truth in the point that they are more interested in how you can help them than how professional you are on camera, that only goes so far. You only need to think back to your best teachers and what made them so. Often it was how engaging they were and how they communicated their material, not just the content of their class.

Fortunately,,,, due to the proliferation of video content online and most of your students are familiar with social media, uploading videos, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook live and the rest, things are changing. They are now...

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You Can Teach Any Fashion Subject Online

course creation tutors Dec 06, 2020

If you're reading this post, then chances are you have some knowledge, skill and experience working in the fashion sector. In this post, we're going to show you that no matter what that experience is, there's a course style that you can adopt to teach your subject online.


There are four principle course styles that we can identify. We’ll look at each one in more detail below, but the four are: 

  • Reflection-based courses
  • Problem-based courses
  • Skills-based courses
  • Project-based courses

Courses can be designed based on an entire style. Everything within the course is based on that style, or different sections of the course, whether complete modules or individual lessons, can have their own style.

Let’s have a look at each one and see how they differ.


A Reflection-based course has a primary objective to teach new concepts and ideas and introduce students to new material to think deeply and critically about the subject. As tutors, we aim to broaden our...

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Using Quizzes and Other Interactive Assets in Your Fashion Courses

course design Dec 02, 2020

One of the key roles we play in teaching students our fashion subjects is to ensure we engage them throughout our courses AND that we have ways to assess what they have learned. Using interactive elements allows us to achieve both.

When you publish your online fashion course on The Fashion Student Hub, you can use interactive elements from a library of Open Source resources available at The content from H5P allows you to create rich and engaging content for your courses for free.

I've summarised them below, and later in the post, I'll explain how to add them to your own course or website.

Summary of Interactive Course Assets

If you want to see any of these in action, then please go to the website; here is the link.

Remember that you should only choose to use an asset and add it to your course if it will add value either in improving the overall student experience or it helps achieve a learning objective. In other words, avoid using them just for the novelty factor....

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Have You Heard About Repurposing Your Fashion Experience and Getting Paid Twice?

For many of us, it's that time of year again to put the heating on at work and at home to keep warm. It is after all the winter,, so we have to expect fuel bills to rise.

A flick of a switch and a few minutes later,, the chill is off the room. We can work, we can play, we can eat, we can wash,, and we can sleep in the comfort of central heating and warm homes if we're fortunate enough to have heating and a roof over our heads,,, that is.

But of course, central heating is not always on hand. A few years ago,,, Mark and I spent some time in south-west France. We rented a house (converted barn) on the edge of the Midi-Pyrenees. There was no central heating,, and the only way to keep warm during the winter months was from small electric wall heaters and a log fire.

This meant for Mark, organising the firewood became a top priority, and as anyone that has ever had to take on this task knows, it has its hidden benefits.

As the saying goes...

Chop your own wood...

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