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The Four Options for Course Creation

Let's face it, most of us are extremely busy juggling the demands of our careers, business, family and the communities we serve. So getting your course idea out of your head and into a fully functional, professional, quality online course together with a marketing plan ready for launch is time-consuming and demanding.

So how about we do it for you? That makes perfect sense. You're the expert on your subject, we're the experts on the five stages involved in getting a course to market - planning, designing, creating, publishing and promoting.

There are four choices for creating your own course:

  1. Do it Yourself - when you DIY everything's down to you from start to finish.
  2. Use a Course Design Consultant - they'll design the strategy but won't implement anything. You'll have the roadmap but now you need to build it yourself.
  3. Hire Freelancers - you'll need to recruit, on-board, manage and rehire throughout the project and you'll need a few within the team.
  4. Work with a Specialist Course Creation Business - here all the heavy lifting is done for you saving upward of 90% of the time it would have taken you to DIY.

Look at the options one by one in the next section and see which one suits you best.

Option 1 - DIY

Here you get to do everything yourself. It can be very rewarding going through the learning curve and developing new skills. You'll have to buy a course that teaches ou how. like ours here because to stand any chance of success you'll need to learn about the five stages of course development.

This option is great for subject experts that have lots of free time or will make the time, and don't mind if it takes several months to build their course. You may need to invest in equipment and software but you can get your course up and published with the minimum of outlay. This approach has the lowest overall initial investment but you need to factor in your time to figure out the real investment you are making.

Option 2 - Hire a Course Design Consultant

This option gives you a helping hand. Sort of. Once you've dug around and found someone you feel comfortable working with and paid them a retainer, they'll design the strategy map for you and tell you what you have to do. But it's you has to now do the work.

You get to save yourself some time and get some advice on the overall approach but you still have to do all the hard work and pretty much learn everything as if you were choosing the DIY option.

Option 3 - Hire a Team of Freelancers

On the face of it this sounds like a smart move because you can hire the skill sets you need. For example a course design consultant, graphic designer to manage the look and feel of your course and generate all your graphic elements. Then you'll need someone to edit video and audio, a content writer to develop your content and everything the student will use.

Whilst there are plenty of people for hire in these fields you have the added responsibility of finding them, choosing and hiring them. Then you have to on-board them and manage them as a project team to make sure your project gets done how you want it when you want it and within the budget you set.

The chances are you'll be hiring generalists rather than freelancers with expertise in working with online courses. Either way you still have to manage the project and it can take a lot of your time and that's when everything goes to plan!

Option 4 - Work With a Course Development Business


This option provides the optimum balance between investment and your time. This is where you save the most amount of time, follow the smoothest and shortest path to success with the least amount of stress and disruption to your day job.

A course development business, like We Teach Fashion, provides the strategy, the resources and the expertise to manage the whole course development project for you. Your involvement is still key BUT the time you spend on it is minimal.

We estimate that you'll only need to find between 2 - 4 days of your time over a 12 week period. That's for calls with us to talk through your content and then for you to record your voice narrating the script for your course. We do the rest whilst giving you the right level of communication that suits you best so you can rest easy knowing all's on track. 

Who We Work With

We've developed this service for four different types of clients. Which do you fit into?

1. Owners of Fashion Subject Content

Such as fashion book authors, university lecturers, universities, colleges, trade organisations and professional bodies.

2. Fashion Industry Professionals

Anyone with fashion industry expertise that wants to generate additional revenue by selling their expertise online. These are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience already under their belt confident of their message being a valuable asset to monetize.

3. Fashion Businesses

Whether in HR or training, marketing or sales, creating an online course can save businesses considerable time in on-boarding employees and customers, developing staff and assessing new candidates.

4. Fashion Consultants, Trainers, and Coaches

All looking for ways to generate additional revenue in their successful businesses, having funds to invest and but are too busy to create their own courses, learn the process or manage a team of freelancers.

We Build Your Online Course for You

At We Teach Fashion we provide a comprehensive, done-for-you service that covers the six phases for getting your course successfully developed and launched.

1. Course Plan

We talk with you to learn about your business and how your online course fits into your business plan.

We interview you about your course topic to get the expertise you want to share out of your head ready for your course curriculum. 

We chat by Skype or phone and gather all the relevant data we need to create the curriculum.

It's at this stage we learn about your branding criteria or help you identify the unique personality you want your course to have too.

2. Course Design

We take the intellectual material from step one and then we design the course curriculum. This describes the path your target student will take in order for them to get the transformation you're going to be promising.

The design phase details everything the course will include such as the number of modules, lessons, assessments, quizzes, what type of lessons, what resources are needed etc.

The end result is a blueprint for the course creation phase. You get to agree and sign off on this knowing exactly what your course is going to deliver, how it will look and how it will achieve its promise.

3. Course Creation

Once you've signed off the blueprint it's all systems go with the creation of the course itself. Here's where we create the graphics and look and feel, lesson content, slides, audio, video, quizzes and student resources such as worksheets, downloadable tools etc.

In the creation phase the look and feel of your course is based on having a close understanding of your business, brand or personality and how you want to present your course to your students. We'll gather that information early in the course planning phase.

4. Course Publishing

Your course is published to your preferred hosting platform or LMS. We'll advise you of your options in the planning phase so you can make the choice that suits you best.

Publishing entails creating an empty course framework on your preferred hosting platform and then populating this framework with your content so that everything fits together just as we'd designed in phase 2 in the curriculum.

By this stage you have a fully functional course that now needs to be tested and finally QA'd to make sure all the parts fit together and the student experience is just as we'd planned. Once we're both happy the course can go live or be offered to beta testers.

5. Course Promotion

Course promotion should actually begin before your course is finally finished. You should be promoting your course throughout it's life.

This begins with building up anticipation before launch and then continuous promotional activities to ensure your target audience gets to see it frequently enough with the right messages.

We can help with your course sales funnels, promotional activities, conversion optimisation strategies and more.

6. Scaling Your Courses

When you've seen the success of one course you'll be keen to apply the formula and scale up the offer and increase the number of courses you offer and generate more profit.

We can help you build further courses and turn your single offer into one that provides several courses within an online 'school' or 'academy'. This will leverage your expertise further, increase your revenue and multiply your profit margins.

And naturally we'll be on hand to help you through that next phase too.

Three Success Solutions

Choose the best option for you below. Once you've paid you'll have access to our scheduling system where you can book your first project call which begins the process.

Option 1: Health Check



This is best for when you want an objective assessment of an existing course or you have a plan to create one or you've started and got lost along the way.

We review your work and then provide you with a tailor-made development schedule of what needs doing, by when and in which sequence.

You can then either go it alone confidently following the plan or commission us to finish it for you.






Option 2: Complete Service



Great for when you know what needs doing but you need help with the execution and creation of your course. This covers areas such as designing, creating, publishing and launching your online course. So we attend to things such as:

  • Course blueprint
  • Course setup/layout on your hosting platform
  • Instructional design elements, quizzes, activities, etc.
  • Design of course materials - slides, workbooks, etc.
  • Developing your sales funnel
  • Beta testing your course etc.

Option 3: Marketing Service



Perfect for existing course owners that need help getting their course seen and bought by more people.

We provide you with regular, proactive exposure to your target market, through customized campaigns that we run for you every month.

You'll know what your ROI is because we provide reports that give you the nitty-gritty of how well your campaigns are doing.

This is the perfect service for people that don't want to bother with any marketing activities themselves.




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