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We're currently recruiting additional tutors to make our sister site The Fashion Student Hub the world's number one resource for short, online personal and career development courses for the fashion sector.

We Offer Tutors

Our tutors develop short instructional courses based on their field of expertise, whilst we take care of all the technology, quality, marketing and student recruitment.

  • Outstanding revenue sharing opportunities so you can truly earn whilst you sleep.
  • Full support in designing and producing your course.
  • Full technical support for your courses.
  • Administration and reports on your course revenues.
  • Transparent reporting.
  • We need people with a passion for fashion and a relevant expertise to share whether in industry or education.

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If you're considering benefiting from hosting your courses on The Fashion Student Hub then you're sure to have some questions. So here's the answers to the common ones we get asked.

What Is The Difference Between
We Teach Fashion
& The Fashion Student Hub?

Two platforms. Two audiences. One industry.

Ok this is a great question. We Teach Fashion is our educational site for fashion subject experts that want to learn how to embrace current online course creation and marketing tools to develop and promote their own courses. It's the place where likeminded professionals and individuals with fashion industry expertise can learn everything they need to know to make their own profitable online educational products.

Whereas our sister site, The Fashion Student Hub, is an educational resource that provides online courses and resources for fashion students and employees within the industry. These resources are designed to develop their skills and knowledge to help them progress and succeed in an industry that is facing massive change. It's a platform and market place where fashion subject experts can host their courses and earn revenue from course sales to students of all ages and levels of competence.

The courses we host at The Fashion Student Hub are for skill and career development, from those planning a career, to those already working within the fashion industry. So if your subject is more aligned with the crafts sector then it will not be suitable for hosting with us.

Who Owns These Sites?

Two platforms, one company.

Both these sites are owned by The Customer's Shoes Ltd, a UK retail consultancy and training company founded in 2009 which provides adult education and consultancy services to clients both inside and outside of the fashion industry.

Will I Still Own My Course If I Host It Here?

It's your course when you create it.

All content is owned by the owners of the intellectual property in question. So content provided by 3rd party tutors will be owned by these tutors. So if you develop a course then you own the intellectual property within the course as well as the assets used, assuming you have the right to use those assets. This means you have the freedom to use your course material elsewhere and to remove it from sale from The Fashion Student Hub if you want to. Any students that have purchased your courses will have the right to continue to use the product they have purchased even if you remove it for sale from our store.

Are Your Tutors Employees Of Your Business?

We're keeping it simple.

No. At the moment we are only seeking individuals that want to host their courses on The Fashion Student Hub to earn commissions from their course sales. We are not recruiting tutors as employees.

What Do I Get From Creating Online Courses?

In other words what’s in it for you? A good question to which there are 10 possible rewards.

  1. Income Generation. Firstly and foremost for many, you can earn revenue and a passive source of income from the sales of your courses.
  2. Helping And Inspiring Students. Then of course there’s the positive feeling that comes from helping students develop their skills and knowledge and further their careers in the fashion sector, as well as the meaningful experience that comes from knowing you have inspired a student to stretch themselves to become the best they can be.
  3. Recognition. The positive feeling that comes from being recognised as an expert by peers, students and professionals in your field.
  4. New Opportunities. In many cases new opportunities can arise after publishing courses online. For example speaking engagements, invitations to contribute to other bodies of work, being invited to develop online courses within your current place of work etc.
  5. Greater Reach. You can reach a greater number of students through your online courses and reach those that can't normally access you through normal routes.
  6. Learning From Others. Teaching = learning, and your new students can contribute valuable insights from their professional and life experiences to the discussion areas of your courses where you too can learn from them.
  7. Self-Improvement. Watching yourself on a video can drive self-improvements in communication and presentation skills which can improve your face to face delivery in the classroom or meetings with peers and co-workers.
  8. Test New Concepts. You can use your course as a test bed and launch pad for tools, concepts, projects, methods, etc. that you can then bring into your classroom and workplace. Your online students can give you valuable feedback on these before you launch them live.
  9. Collaborate With Others. You can develop some interesting collaborations that would be more difficult or impossible in a traditional environment. For example, co-teaching with faculty from a different university or college or contributing experts from industry.
  10. Become An Innovator. You can develop your own skills and knowledge by becoming an innovator. You can play a role in shaping the future of fashion education and ride the wave of change that’s coming rather than be drowned by it.

What Revenue Will I Earn When I Sell My Courses Through The Fashion Student Hub?

Our current business model is a revenue share scheme for which there is a standard scheme, as well as promotional schemes that we implement periodically.

Our standard scheme provides you with 30% share of the net revenue generated from your course sale. The net revenue is classed as the course fee paid by the student less any VAT due, less a 3% transaction fee for the payment processing. So for example if the student pays £120 including VAT the net revenue would be £120 less £20 VAT, less 3% payment processing fees of £3.60 = £96.40, so with a 30% split you will receive a net commission of £28.92 for the sale of your course to one student at £120. The higher the price and the more students that buy your course the more revenue there is to share.

Are You Offering Face To Face Courses?

No. We're an online provider in a digitally connected world folks.

Currently the only courses that are being marketed are for online delivery. However if you want to offer some face to face workshops or coaching programs please talk with us and we'll be happy to discuss how we can help you to promote these.

How Do I Create My Course?

First you need to have subject expertise on what you want to teach online. After that we can help you take your expertise and create your courses.

If you have never developed an online course before we recommend that you take one of our courses on We Teach Fashion on how to create online courses. At We Teach Fashion we will provide you with the knowledge you need to create your first course and if you choose to host it on The Fashion Student Hub you'll learn how to use our simple course creation process and get your course online quickly and efficiently.

If you already have experience of developing online courses then all you need to do is follow our creation process which explains how to get your course uploaded onto The Fashion Student Hub.

Simply complete the form above and you'll be granted access to our tutor guide which explains the process for submitting your course for sale. After you've submitted your details in the form above you'll receive details about your log-in credentials for accessing the guide. Simple.

What's The Process Of Submitting My Course For Approval?

No big hoops to go through but we've got to focus on the quality of the user experience.


We have a strict quality control and approval process that all courses need to follow. Our sign-off process ensures that all courses meet a minimum requirement for audio, visual and overall brand adherence. We will provide you with the necessary guidance on this process. Your course will not be allowed to be published and therefore visible on the store front of The Fashion Student Hub until your course has been signed off by us. When we check your course we will provide you with some feedback on any improvements that need to be made first.

Can I Offer My Course In Other Languages?

Assolutamente, absolument, absolut, absolutely!

You can offer your course in any language you want but our payment checkout processing system currently only provides certain languages. Please check with us so that we can tell you if your chosen language is covered at the checkout point. We're working on catering for more languages all the time.

How Will My Course Be Marketed?

Short answer: Cleverly and effectively!

Your course will be marketed through our general marketing and promotion activities which include social media as well as ad-hoc email campaigns, action-based emails, retargeting ads on Facebook and other sites.

When Do I Get Paid My Commission?

As an instructor, a contract is signed with our UK based company The Customer's Shoes Ltd. Your course is published on thefashionstudenthub.com

  • In the first month, a student purchases your course(s). Student fees are transferred to us.
  • Months 1 & 2 we process any refunds, etc.
  • Month 3 we pay instructors [(total Month 1 student payments –  total refunds) x % revenue share]
  • All payments to instructors are from our UK based company The Customer's Shoes Ltd and revenues to you will be paid in sterling.
  • As an instructor, you are free to publish as many free and paid courses as you like.

Who Sets The Price Of A Course?

You do, but be realistic.

The content is developed by you so you should set the base price of your course. We believe in building a sustainable partnership in which all of our instructors are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing students to the platform, and we are rewarded for driving traffic to all our instructors and providing the platform for your courses and for bringing students to your courses.

Do I Need A Web Host Or Domain Name?

Short answer is no!

No because all the hosting technicalities and costs are carried by us. There is no need for you to use your own domain name as you are not setting up a website, you will be designing a course and adding it to our library of courses to be promoted to potential students. If you host your course on your own site then clearly use of your own domain name would be relevant. Phew!!

Who Handles Customer Service?

More good news...

We will handle all the issues relating to customer service outside of your course. So things like students needing new passwords, any concerns or questions of a general nature we'll manage. This means you can carry on and develop more courses and interact with your students and develop a sense of community with them.

How Are My Courses Branded?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we have some guidelines too.

Part of the learning experience will be the branding and overall look and feel of the course. There are overall brand identity guidelines you will be expected to follow regarding fonts and colours but our course theme layout will have these defined for you in most cases so there's one less thing for you to have to worry about.

Do I Need A Payment Processor?

Nope. We use Stripe. There's nothing for you to do here at all.

Just remember you are only having to develop the content and create the course, we do the rest.

All course sales are processed through Stripe, the best software platform for running an internet business. They handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. You can sell your offers in the currency that the majority of your students prefer to pay in. You can even mix and match to be able to give your students a choice of which currency to use. Student payment information is stored with a PCI Level 1 Service Provider which is the most stringent level of certification available.

Who Handles Student Comments?

As the course tutor you will be expected to answer student questions and comments within your own course.

Comments regarding payments and site access, passwords etc will be handled by our support team. You can communicate with them via the comments section of your courses as well as by sending out emails that you ask us to send out as part of the enrolment process. You'll be able to see all the comments your students have posted throughout your courses in one centralized location for easy moderation. Reply to your students right on the same screen to make it easy to converse with them.

With interactive in-course discussions, your students can actively engage with you and other students. Your students will get notified by email if someone replies to their comments, bringing them back into the discussion.

How Will My Students Know If I've Updated My Content?

You can keep them informed about the product by posting announcements.

These announcements will also be emailed to your customers to draw them back into the course again so that they never miss out on the latest information to help them.

What Type Of Course Can I Develop?

You can create lectures with video, image, text, audio, and PDF files.

You can import content from Dropbox, Google Drive, provide a URL to your content  or drag and drop files from your computer. Students will be able to download resources that you decide to share as part of the course content. Easily add file downloads to your products. Upload documents, presentations, images, and audio files to really make your content valuable to all types of students.

How Do We Ensure That Subjects Don't Get Repeated Or Overlapped By Other Lecturers?

As they say, variety is the spice of life, and we want variety here too.

We recognise that there's no point in having a course library full of "me too" courses. We need variety and whilst there may be a small degree of overlap with similar subjects, the unique experience and style that every tutor brings, means that courses will naturally offer choice to our students.

Does Each Course Offer Something Completely New That Isn't Already Being Offered On The Site?

Thanks go to Louise Morley, Fashion & Retail Business Lecturer for this question!

As we grow our portfolio of courses there will naturally be lots of open points for topics, so in the early days we think there's no risk of over populating our courses with similar titles.

We are looking for tutors that can offer a unique insight, focus on a particular niche or who have a strong and engaging style. We're focussed on providing great materials for students, as well as a great win-win partnership with our tutors who can be confident that their courses will be seen and not hidden behind a catalogue of similar subjects. 

How Can I Bundle My Courses?

Up-sell your courses through bundles.

If you have more than one course you can bundle your courses so that when a student purchases a course they have access to the others too. You can create “offers” which specify a price for one or more products. We use offers to create special limited time pricing, or bundle products together and sell them for one price.

How Is VAT Handled?

Hmmmm...revenue people...they need their cut too!

When the country from which the student purchases the course requires us to remit Value Added Tax (VAT), We will deduct the tax amount from the Course Sale Price when calculating the Net Amount. The Net Amount will be split between us and Instructors under the applicable revenue share model in place. So the revenue folks get their share when it's due.

Can I Become An Affiliate And Promote Other Courses?

Oh yes indeed!

By becoming an affiliate you will have the opportunity to increase your revenue by promoting other courses from We Teach fashion or The Fashion Student Hub. You will have a beautiful dashboard you can log into to get real-time stats about your referrals. Our referral commissions start at 15% so if a student buys another tutor’s course that you have promoted as an affiliate within 30 days of you promoting it then you would receive 15% sales commission.

You can sign up to be an affiliate here.