How to DESIGN Your Fashion Course With Minimum Effort

This course covers the second phase in course development - DESIGN. It is for people with fashion subject expertise that have already carried out the planning PHASE and are now ready to invest time in the design phase. Taking this course leads you further along the path to making money selling your own online fashion courses.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

If you have completed all your planning activities and are now clear on your ideal student avatar, have done your competitor research, chosen your subject and validated your course idea then the next step is to start designing the course itself.

This course is aimed at people that have completed their planning and are now ready for the design phase and need to learn how to carry out design efficiently.

  • Are you unsure of the activities involved in designing your course?
  • Would you like clear guidance and easy to follow steps that teach you what is involved?
  • Are your ready to design but not without first understanding what is involved?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then this course is definitely for YOU!

In "How to DESIGN Your Course With Minimum Effort" you will:

  • Learn about the differences between the five phases of course development.
  • Be able to identify your student's needs using a variety of techniques so that you are crystal clear on how to help them with your course.
  • Be able to clearly identify the transformation your course will need to deliver for each of your students so you can design an appropriate course.
  • Know what the key steps are that your students need to go through to achieve their transformation so that you can design the relevant lessons.
  • Be able to produce a course outline using our templates so that you have a clear overview to use in the design, creation and promotion phases.
  • Know what course formats are available to you and the differences between each so that you can choose the best formats for your students.
  • Be able to use a storyboard to create module and lessons structures saving you time later in the course creation phase.
  • Understand the importance of defining your student engagement strategies so that you optimise the engagement you have with your students so that they follow the course and achieve the results they are seeking.
  • Recognise the characteristics that make up the overall student experience and what to consider in your own course so that you provide the best experience you can for your students through simple tactics.

What You Get When You Buy The Course

  • Tutor support through the comments and Q&A area.
  • Unlimited access to the course with no time limit for completion.
  • 10 lessons.
  • Lifetime updates.
  • Templates to download and use.
  • VIP bonus membership of the We Teach Fashion Academy.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Mobile and tablet ready course format.

FAQs About The Course

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes. Our short courses have a 30 - day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Who Is the Course Aimed At?

The course is designed for people new to the online course creation scene that have subject expertise in any field found within the fashion industry. We are helping people specifically in the fashion sector that want to create their own online courses for themselves or the organizations they work for.

How Long Will It Take to Complete the Course?

The course has 13 lessons in it so you could comfortably complete it in two hours.

Can I Ask the Tutor Questions?

You are able to leave questions for both the tutor and other students taking the course. We'll answer your questions within several hours and where possible much sooner. Of course, you can also contribute to the class by answering questions left by other students too.

How Long Will It Take to Get Access to the Course?

It's immediate. Once you've paid you'll get full access to the course. After you've submitted your payment details and it has been processed, you'll be taken to a page called 'My Library' where you'll find your course (and in time any other courses you buy from us.)

How Long Do I Have Access to the Course For?

You have unlimited access to the course. There is no time limit to it. So if you want to revisit the content in six or twelve months' time, you'll still have access.

Can I Follow The Course on My Tablet or Phone?

Yes, the course is designed for the latest devices so you will be able to take the course on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

May I Share The Course With Others?

No, you may not. When you purchase access to the course you are granted a license for your own personal use.


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