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Learn How to Sell Courses and Teach Your Fashion Subject Online

At 'We Teach Fashion' We Provide You With Everything You Need to Make a Successful Income Online

Welcome to "We Teach Fashion," your gateway to unlocking your earning potential in the ever-expanding world of online education. With the explosive growth of online learning, subject experts in the fashion sector now have a remarkable opportunity to transform their knowledge and skills into a lucrative income stream. Whether you're considering courses, coaching programs, or membership sites, our platform equips you with everything you need to thrive. Discover the path to financial success as you share your expertise with eager learners worldwide. Join us today and embark on your journey to online teaching prosperity. 

'We Teach Fashion' will show you how!

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'Done For You' Service

When you're not tech savvy, or have limited time or are simply not interested in doing things for yourself, we can provide a complete done-for-you service. All you need to supply is your content and we package everything up branded as you require, ready to go. A complete service.


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FashionPro Masterclass

Everything you need to know on generating an income from your fashion industry knowledge.

Our step-by-step guide teaches everything you need to know to get started and generate income from your fashion expertise.

This course provides complete details on planning, designing, creating, publishing and promoting your courses.


Personal Coaching

Do you dream of having a successful online course, but struggle with actually making it happen?

Whether you have just got an idea to create an online course or are 'stuck in a rut' in the course creation process, we WILL help! 

We are happy to screen-share and walk you through it from start to finish!

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Fashion’s Digital Transformation Is ‘Now or Never!’

But Are You Expert Enough in Your Fashion Subject to Create an Online Course?



Online learning now plays a pivotal role in fashion education, and the moment to seize its full potential has arrived. Have a concept for an online fashion course or coaching program, yet find yourself hesitating to take that first step? 

Well, here's the deal: You are the foremost authority in your field, and your expertise is the compass guiding your way.

We can help you bring your ideas to life.

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Wondering What You Can Expect From Making the Switch From Face to Face

to Online Courses? 

Read Below For Some of the Ways We Can Help...


'Done for You' Service

Rapidly bring your course ideas alive, with our complete 'Done For You' Online Creation Service.

We help with every aspect of creating your online course, delivering a professional, premium course with the minimum of effort on your part.


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Replace Your One-on-One Work

These days there is no question about it, learners need digital. We will all have to make the switch, often to survive. 

Your online course is the best tool for growing your business, boosting your brand, promoting your services.

Earn a passive income that gives you a new freedom that One-on-One could not provide. 

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Online Course Healthcheck

 To create a successful online course, you need to follow a clear plan of what needs to be done.

It is common for a beginner to get overwhelmed and lost during the development phases.

This is why we created this personal Online Healthcheck as a definitive guide during this process. 

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Personal or Group Coaching Sessions

We offer coaching sessions for fashion professionals and educators, fashion business owners, designers and even fashion students. 

We will coach you step by step in building your course, coaching program or membership platform. No need for great technical skills or years of coaching experience.

Even if you believe you are not ready to create a course and have never made one before, we can show you how! 

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 Just as in the fashion industry, our Tailor-made Service helps you entirely from scratch based on your specifications. You give us a list of your needs, and we provide an all inclusive, fixed-fee quotation just for you.

Whether it is branding, landing pages, sales funnels, worksheets & checklists, email templates, autoresponders, sales pages or something else, we are here to help you!

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Reach and Teach a Large Audience

Is your goal to monetise your expertise online?

We show you how to promote your courses to a hungry audience of fashion students and fashion industry employees.

Whilst your online presence teaches students outside of the classroom, your hard-earned experience and knowledge online can generate recurring income for you too.

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Here's what some of our clients say about us...

Louise I.

Mark was a true professional and working with him to create my first online course and sales page was a very enjoyable process. As a 'non-techie' person, I had many questions and made various changes throughout the project, and Mark was always understanding and patient with my timescale and in responding to my queries. He offered his advice, constructive feedback and expertise - which I am very grateful for. I would highly recommend his services in all things Kajabi.

Davide D.

Mark will skyrocket your business, simple as that. I started working with Mark in January, I did not have either a website or a product in Kajabi ready to be sold. In the span of 2 months, we had everything up and running, and right now I have done +100K euros in online sales, all thanks to Mark. I really suggest you put your business in the hands of an expert professional like Mark, it literally changed my business and my life. If you want more information about Mark, please feel free to reach me out.

Tony N.

It took me sometime to make a decision about building an online course. I saw dozens of providers and Mark stood head and shoulders above everyone. Mark is FIRST CLASS in everything he does and his passion to help you deliver an outstanding online course is wonderful. Mark is incredibly knowledgeable and by far the BEST person you will find on Upwork. It was a great privilege to work with Mark and I highly highly recommend him. Look forward to more projects in the future. Thank you so much, you are INCREDIBLE. I am grateful to have met you.

Here Is a List of Some of the Fashion Professionals We Help…

Lecturers in fashion management, fashion and textile technology, fashion marketing and branding, fashion management, fashion communication, fashion marketing, 3D design and development for fashion sportswear, fashion photographers, fashion stylists, footwear designers, buyers, costume designers, couturiers, milliners, tailors, textile designers, fashion designers, fashion editors, garment technologists. Fashion PR coordinators, digital media specialists, pattern cutters, trend forecasters, retail buyers, eCommerce Managers, jewellery designers, knitwear designers, pattern makers, visual merchandisers…

Are any of these similar to you?

Online course creator fashion designer
Online course creator fashion photographer
Online course creator Pattern maker
Online course creator fashion designer
Online course creator fashion photographer
Online course creator Pattern maker
Online course creation Jewellery designer
Online course creator swimwear designer

The Easiest Way to Create Your Online Course Is to Use Our 
'Done-for-You' Service.

Demonstrating your expertise in the world of fashion has never been easier than through the creation of an online course. At 'We Teach Fashion,' we're here to help you achieve this by handling all the technical aspects. Your primary focus remains on crafting your valuable content, while we take care of the rest.

With our support, you can effortlessly share your wealth of knowledge with a global audience, ultimately transforming it into a thriving income stream. The result? An impactful online course that not only enriches your learners but also delights your customers, further establishing your authority in the industry.


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Learn How to Earn a Recurring Income Online With Our Masterclass

Every day you delay is a day you miss out on potential earnings.

If your prime objective is to generate additional income by selling your expertise online, there has never been a better time for you.

Online learning has exploded, and the recent global pandemic crisis is accelerating this faster than you can imagine.

Our 'We Teach Fashion Masterclass' teaches you everything you need to know on how to develop and promote your own short online fashion subject course.
We teach you successful methods to successfully design and develop your own course. We are here to help you so you can create a professional approach based on your expertise in subjects you know inside out.

Get Your Online Course Launched Now!


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At 'We Teach Fashion' We Provide You With Everything You Need to Make a Successful Income

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Customized Language Integration: Tailoring Your Online Course Content

If you're keen on delivering your online fashion course in a different language, worry not. We've got you covered with a seamless translation and integration process, provided you furnish us with the required content. Bid farewell to language constraints and welcome a fully inclusive learning adventure that effortlessly transcends linguistic boundaries.

With our assistance, your students can navigate your course with confidence, immerse themselves in the material, and relish a personalized online learning voyage like never before.