The Burnout Factor of the Fashion Business

career life Feb 16, 2018

According to recent studies, one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. If you’re working in a creative job such as fashion then you’re 25% more likely to suffer. 

Anyone unfamiliar with the industry is going to see it as super glamorous. All that travel, extravagance, lavish sexy parties, colorful and eccentric creative characters Oh and the drama of it all.


It's not like that is it

For those really working in it at tailors dummy and pattern blocks the experience is something very different leading many to experience serious damage to mental health. 

Let's face it the heavy workloads and hectic schedules are part of the daily experience forced by cycles for “ready to wear” collections and ever faster fashion meaning turnaround times of 21 days.

Then there's the heavy diary commitments for fashion weeks and one-off PR events that require round-the-clock availability and commitment. Be there or...

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A Chance to Sample the Benefits of Coaching

career life Feb 03, 2018

I have a question for you.

"If you always do what you've always done, what happens?"

In an industry that is renowned for creativity, you'd think that nobody would be guilty of always doing what they've always done. But the fact is we do!

The answer to my question is simple. You'll always get what you've always got.

This is one of the simplest and most profound statements about behaviour and the habits we develop in our lives. It so true don't you think?

Consider it in the context of things that repeatedly show up in your life that are wrong (or right). Relationships. Arguments. Stress. Debt. Choosing lousy jobs. Being overworked and so on.

The fact is that until we step back and review what's going on in our lives and why it's happening we may never break the cycle.

We need an annual life review law like they have for cars.

Every country has laws regarding the roadworthiness of vehicles that travel on public roads. And each vehicle is normally required to be tested once it reaches...

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