12 Ways to Re-purpose Your Fashion Knowledge

create Feb 22, 2018

Anyone in fashion will be familiar with the terms reduce, reuse, recycle. These approaches make sense because we find new ways to create items from existing resources along with many other benefits. The same can be applied to our knowledge too. We can reuse or repurpose it in multiple ways to serve our customers and potential students differently.

It saves you time and energy not having to create output from scratch. Everything hinges around the original piece of content you are sharing your knowledge within. There is always the source, the original item. Repurposing rejuvenates old material and other forms of content and allows you to serve new or existing students.

6 Benefits to Repurposing Your Fashion Knowledge

Repurposing will help you:

  1. Offer a wider content portfolio and expand your reach on multiple platforms.
  2. Boost your search engine rankings and improve your organic reach so you are found more easily.
  3. Breathe new life into old content.
  4. Meet the needs of...
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