11 Tips For Being Awesome on Camera

creating videos Nov 21, 2017

I understand how nervous and intimidating it can feel being in front of a camera for the first time. It's even worse when you have professionals managing the camera, audio, lighting and makeup! I've been there, done that and experienced it all. There's a lot of pressure on you to get your message out and come across professionally in a commercial product.

Students are expecting quality from purchases they make and whilst there is truth in the point that they are more interested in how you can help them than how professional you are on camera, that only goes so far. You only need to think back to your best teachers and what made them so. Often it was how engaging they were and how they communicated their material, not just the content of their class.

Fortunately due to the proliferation of video content online, and most of your students being so familiar with social media, uploading videos, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook live and the rest, things are changing. They are now...

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