Publishing Your Courses is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy is an elaboration on easy-peasymeaning“ extremely easy or simple.”

We've made it remarkably easy to get your first online fashion course online and selling. We have a complete done for you publishing and hosting service. It means all you have to do is take care of the course content itself so that your students achieve their desired results.

Creating online courses has become big business with a global explosion across thousands of topics. But normally when you choose a hosting partner to host your content or a platform where you'll manage everything about your courses yourself, there's always a steep learning curve to get your courses published and online for sale.

After all, these are software services letting you manage your assets or courses online so technology is involved and for those unfamiliar with the process, it can be daunting.

As much as the providers try to make their platforms as user-friendly as possible, there is still a learning path to follow.


A Pain-Free Partnership

At We Teach Fashion we divide course development into five phases. These are:

  1. Planning - research, validation, student avatars
  2. Designing - mapping the learning path, outcomes and objectives
  3. Creating - producing all the content
  4. Publishing - setting up the course on a chosen hosting platform
  5. Promoting - marketing your course

Most of the pain arises in the publishing phase because as I've described above, this involves learning about the hosting environment. Normally course creators have to set up all the moving parts such as the sales page, course framework (the modules and lessons), uploading all the videos and student materials, adding assessments and quizzes etc.

When you partner with us we take away all these elements so that you can concentrate on the other phases. When you don't have to learn about the publishing/hosting system you save yourself time and money which you can then use to add value to the course content and develop a course that delivers what your students need.

Our Three Simple Steps

We've made it very simple for you within our three step process. As long as you can type a simple message in Microsoft Word you already have the skill set necessary to get your course published and online.

Here's how:

1. Complete a Sales Page Template

We provide you with a Sales Page Template in Microsoft Word format. This document enables you to write your sales page copy. We'll tidy up the copy for you where necessary so that it a compelling and helps capture the interest of potential students and converts visitors into sales. Each section of the template gives you prompts and examples to help you.

We then use this template to create your course sales page on The Fashion Student Hub. You can provide your own accompanying images to show on the page or we'll source relevant ones for you. Your sales page will be live in our marketplace so that we can capture student interest for your online fashion course, even before your course goes live. We'll link it to a lead creation page so that whilst you are creating your course we can both generate leads from potential students and build a list to launch your course to. There's no need to wait for your course to be completed before you start generating interest in it.

2. Complete Your Course Outline Template

In the second step, you need to tell us how you want your online fashion course to be structured. You will have mapped this out yourself in your planning and design phases. Then when we give you our Course Outline Template, again in Word format, it's a simple step to describe how the course should be structured. The template allows you to simply write down the name of each module and its lessons along with a two-line description of what's covered in each module and lesson.

We then do the necessary work of setting up your course so that it has the correct structure following the details in your template. And since we reckon that everyone knows how to type in Word there's nothing at all for you to learn. We do the difficult behind the scenes tasks with our platform so you don't have to. It's simple and effortless for you.

3. You Provide Your Lesson Content

The final step involves populating the relevant lessons with your content so that your empty course framework created by us in step 2, comes alive with your learning material. By the time we have finished step 3, your course will be ready for final quality checking and then publishing.

And that's it as far as the publishing phase is concerned. Of course, you still may need to learn about the other phases depending upon your previous experience of selling your fashion knowledge online. That's why we have developed our masterclass called "How to Use Your Fashion Expertise to Make Extra Income With Online Courses" covering in detail but easy to follow lessons everything you need to know about the five phases.

Your Questions Answered Here

If you have any questions about creating your own online fashion course then watch our FAQ video where Cheryl answers common questions we get asked. Or you can email [email protected].


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