Here Are Four Options for Creating An Online Fashion Course. Which Should You Choose?

course creation Apr 17, 2020

You will have heard lots about creating online courses as a means to generate income or build your brand. In the current situation it may well be something you are thinking seriously about to make an income. Whether you are sitting at home unable to work, or still working but remotely.

But what are your options for making it all happen? If you've been following us for some time you'll know that we've written extensively advising you about the nitty gritty of course creation. Just take a look at our blog.

In this post, though we're zooming out and giving you the broader options so you can see what choices you have apart from the DIY route. We're not going to be selling you on the idea of creating online fashion courses or highlighting all the benefits for you or your business. If you've still need convincing we'll leave that for another time.

Read this post for some great advice to help you determine what's the best route for you to take if creating an online fashion course is on...

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Understanding Where to Host Your Online Course

I often get asked by people interested in creating their own online courses, where do they publish them? In this post I'm going to give you a quick overview to answer that question.

At some point, before you even create your course, you’re going to have to decide how and where you’re going to host your course. In other words, you must find a place for it to live. Read this article to get a better understanding of the options available to you.

You'll learn about:

  • Three online course hosting options and the benefits and differences of each.
  • Where to sell your online fashion courses.
  • How to avoid having to learn about the technology.

Then at the end of the article I'll tell you where to get some free training to help you get started creating and selling your own online fashion courses.

What Hosting Means

Every website consists of a collection of files that are hosted on a server somewhere around the world and the pages of the website are accessible through an internet...

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Publishing Your Courses is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy is an elaboration on easy-peasymeaning“ extremely easy or simple.”

We've made it remarkably easy to get your first online fashion course online and selling. We have a complete done for you publishing and hosting service. It means all you have to do is take care of the course content itself so that your students achieve their desired results.

Creating online courses has become big business with a global explosion across thousands of topics. But normally when you choose a hosting partner to host your content or a platform where you'll manage everything about your courses yourself, there's always a steep learning curve to get your courses published and online for sale.

After all, these are software services letting you manage your assets or courses online so technology is involved and for those unfamiliar with the process, it can be daunting.

As much as the providers try to make their platforms as user-friendly as...

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As a Fashion Tutor Why Should You Create and Sell Your Own Online Courses?

course creation Jan 08, 2018

Why should I bother? That's a question we get asked frequently. Why should I bother to create an online course. 

Well creating a course isn't for everyone that's for sure, despite the title of this post. But there are significant benefits to be had for those that do develop the skills that are needed. So here's our list of top 10 benefits for tutors and subject experts when they successfully embrace the new technology of online course creation. It's never been easier.

  1. Income Generation. Firstly and foremost for many, you can earn revenue and a passive source of income from the sales of your courses.
  2. Helping And Inspiring Students. Then of course there’s the positive feeling that comes from helping students develop their skills and knowledge and further their careers in the fashion sector, as well as the meaningful experience that comes from knowing you have inspired a student to stretch themselves to become the best they can be.
  3. Recognition. The positive feeling that...
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How to Dominate Your Fashion Teaching Niche with Online Courses

business course creation Oct 25, 2017

This week I had a great meeting with Italian fashion designer and lecturer Sabrina Fichi. We met in the famous Piazza della Republica in the city of Florence on a perfect autumn afternoon. Amongst the piazza's many cafes and shops lies the Giubbe Rosse cafe which has long been a meeting place for famous artists and writers, especially those of Futurism.

Sabrina has her own design studio in Pisa and lectures at universities in both Pisa and Florence. We met because she wanted to explore how online learning can help her reach more students, support her private tutoring business and expand her services to a wider audience.

For those lecturers and designers that are in a similar position but perhaps with different specialities, I believe you'll find what we discussed relevant to you too. So both Sabrina and I are happy to share with you the key questions and answers that cropped up in our conversation.

Sabrina comes with significant expertise across many facets of...

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Smoke and Mirrors - a Lesson in Designing and Creating Your Online Course

Several years ago in 2009, spring nearly started in catastrophe for my family and I. We almost saw fire engines and men with yellow helmets hosing us down in water. What a way to start spring, going up in flames!

Fortunately, catastrophe was avoided before any damage was done but it could have been a disastrous ending.

There is a lesson to be shared here, one that will help you when designing and creating your online fashion courses. It’s a lesson about focus and the transformational energy it can produce.

A Lesson in Focus

Here’s what happened.

The fire alarm went off at home. I rushed upstairs to investigate and was greeted by the smell of smoke coming from the bathroom. I carefully opened the door to find the source of the smoke was smoldering on the window sill.

Nearby we had the usual items of bathroom paraphernalia such as cosmetics, toothbrushes, aerosols as well as a free-standing shaving mirror. It's one of those that has two sides where you...

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The Eight Essential Factors to Address When PLANNING Your Course

course creation planning Sep 10, 2017

I once worked for a German boss that was a stickler for detail and planning. He was a hard taskmaster and although drove me to higher standards of performance early in my career, his attention to detail in planning was often restrictive. 

Why? Because over planning can slow you down to the point where you never get around to actually executing the plan. Things move on and plans end up having to be changed again and again.

So the trick is to plan the minimum you need to get started and to give you a clear direction of what needs to be done in the future and then amend your plan periodically as things evolve. 

In this post, I share with you the eight essential factors to address in your course planning phase so you can actually get started and make progress. I want to help you get things done and not get overwhelmed by the thought of their being too much for you to do or frustrated and confused because you don't know where to begin.

Eight Essential Factors in the...

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The Rise of Great Customer Experiences in the Fashion Sector.

Whether or not you are a freelance designer, retailer or international brand, your success lies largely in how well you serve your customers. And in today's rapidly evolving world of globalization and consumer awareness for how clothes are made, paying close attention to the consumer has never been more important.

Customers are precious and need to be guarded like precious stones.

Over the past decade, I've been involved in helping organizations striving to deliver great customer experiences as a strategic differentiator. They've seen that this is their only true point of differentiation because delivering a great customer experience has such an impact on others because of the rapid viral spread of stories about these experiences. Within minutes stories can reach thousands.

The Anatomy of Word of Mouth (WoM) Stories

We've all done it. Told others of our great or crappy customer service experiences. Right now someone is sharing their story about your brand. About their...

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How to Set Clear and Effective Learning Objectives

course creation Jun 24, 2017

In this post, we're going to explore the purpose of learning objectives and how to develop them for your courses.

One of the keystones of online fashion course creation is the accurate and effective use of learning objectives. Before taking any course creation steps it's important to figure out your course's learning objectives.

Learning objectives are one of the three components that give your online fashion course its strength. These components are:

  1. Objectives which explain the knowledge and skills you want students to acquire by the end of the course.
  2. Assessments which allow you as course instructor to check the degree to which the students are meeting the learning objectives.
  3. Instructional Strategies which you design into your course to encourage student engagement towards meeting the objectives.

These three components are interlinked and therefore dynamic. Consequently, when you make a change in one you'll need to then double check to see how it affects...

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How To Adapt Classroom Based Fashion Courses to Online Courses

One of the questions we often get asked by lecturers and teachers that deliver classroom based courses is how to adapt their classroom courses for online delivery. So in this post, you'll learn about eleven practical things you can do to make that transformation.

Before we get started we're assuming you already have content that you are allowed to use either because you are the legal owner of the material or you have permission from the copyright owner. Then you'll be free to make the transformations.

11 Tips to Transform Your Online Fashion Courses

  1. Manage expectations up front by creating a welcome message or video. The aim of this is for students to get to know you. It helps students get started with your online course by explaining the context of the course, how it will run and sets the tone of your expectations too. As teachers, we would do this at the first meeting of a classroom course so the reason and rationale for it are the same.
  2. Students can't come up to you at the end...
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