As a Fashion Tutor Why Should You Create and Sell Your Own Online Courses?

course creation Jan 08, 2018

Why should I bother? That's a question we get asked frequently. Why should I bother to create an online course. 

Well creating a course isn't for everyone that's for sure, despite the title of this post. But there are significant benefits to be had for those that do develop the skills that are needed. So here's our list of top 10 benefits for tutors and subject experts when they successfully embrace the new technology of online course creation. It's never been easier.

  1. Income Generation. Firstly and foremost for many, you can earn revenue and a passive source of income from the sales of your courses.
  2. Helping And Inspiring Students. Then of course there’s the positive feeling that comes from helping students develop their skills and knowledge and further their careers in the fashion sector, as well as the meaningful experience that comes from knowing you have inspired a student to stretch themselves to become the best they can be.
  3. Recognition. The positive feeling that comes from being recognised as an expert by peers, students and professionals in your field.
  4. New Opportunities. In many cases new opportunities can arise after publishing courses online. For example speaking engagements, invitations to contribute to other bodies of work, being invited to develop online courses within your current place of work etc.
  5. Greater Reach. You can reach a greater number of students through your online courses and reach those that can't normally access you through normal routes.
  6. Learning From Others. Teaching = learning, and your new students can contribute valuable insights from their professional and life experiences to the discussion areas of your courses where you too can learn from them.
  7. Self-Improvement. Watching yourself on a video can drive self-improvements in communication and presentation skills which can improve your face to face delivery in the classroom or meetings with peers and co-workers.
  8. Test New Concepts. You can use your course as a test bed and launch pad for tools, concepts, projects, methods, etc. that you can then bring into your classroom and workplace. Your online students can give you valuable feedback on these before you launch them live.
  9. Collaborate With Others. You can develop some interesting collaborations that would be more difficult or impossible in a traditional environment. For example, co-teaching with faculty from a different university or college or contributing experts from industry.
  10. Become An Innovator. You can develop your own skills and knowledge by becoming an innovator. You can play a role in shaping the future of fashion education and ride the wave of change that’s coming rather than be drowned by it.

If you have fashion expertise and would like to learn more about the enormous opportunities to make money online, serve others and help educate the next generation of fashion employees, follow this link and take our free video training.

Cheryl Gregory is the Founder of The Fashion Student Hub, a marketplace for selling online fashion courses, and We Teach Fashion teaching fashion subject experts how to create and promote their own online courses, generate revenue and serve the growing need for online education in the fashion sector.

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