How To Adapt Classroom Based Fashion Courses to Online Courses

One of the questions we often get asked by lecturers and teachers that deliver classroom based courses is how to adapt their classroom courses for online delivery. So in this post, you'll learn about eleven practical things you can do to make that transformation.

Before we get started we're assuming you already have content that you are allowed to use either because you are the legal owner of the material or you have permission from the copyright owner. Then you'll be free to make the transformations.

11 Tips to Transform Your Online Fashion Courses

  1. Manage expectations up front by creating a welcome message or video. The aim of this is for students to get to know you. It helps students get started with your online course by explaining the context of the course, how it will run and sets the tone of your expectations too. As teachers, we would do this at the first meeting of a classroom course so the reason and rationale for it are the same.
  2. Students can't come up to you at the end...
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Why Are We Running Around After Fashion Millennials Dangling Carrots to Keep Them Interested in the Classroom?

classrooms millenials Jan 28, 2017

Surely we should be appreciating their bona fide differences and create online courses that can satisfy their needs?

Over the past 25 years, my partner and I ran a very successful training and consulting business in the retail sector based upon long form training. Know the type? – classic training courses and experiential workshops that are a minimum duration of half a day and often over five. 

Retreats and leadership programs, skills development and culture change initiatives. We’ve been involved in this over the past 25 years and enjoyed working with fabulous clients worldwide.

However, times are rapidly changing!  The Internet has dramatically changed how we do business, what we do and where we do it, forever. With perhaps only one way back… turn off the digital connections to our connected world!

Consider this. We are frequently engaging with Millennials who love to learn, but traditional classroom lecturing often does not reflect their distinctive...

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