Have You Heard About Repurposing Your Fashion Experience and Getting Paid Twice?

For many of us, it's that time of year again where we need to put the heating on at work and at home to keep warm. It is after all November so we have to expect fuel bills to rise.

A flick of a switch and a few minutes later the chill is off the room. We can work, we can play, we can eat, we can wash and we can sleep in the comfort of central heating and warm homes. If we're fortunate enough to have heating and a roof over our heads that is.

But of course, central heating is not always on hand. A few years ago Mark and I spent some time in south-west France. We rented a house (converted barn) on the edge of the Midi-Pyrenees. There was no central heating and the only way to keep warm during the winter months was from small electric wall heaters and a log fire.

This meant for Mark, organising the firewood became a top priority, and as anyone that has ever had to take on this task knows, it has its hidden benefits.

As the saying goes...

Chop your own wood and...

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Using Quizzes and Other Interactive Assets in Your Fashion Courses

course design Apr 23, 2018

One of the key roles we play in teaching students our fashion subjects is to ensure we engage them throughout our courses AND that we have ways to assess what they have learned. Using interactive elements allows us to achieve both.

When you publish your online fashion course on The Fashion Student Hub you can use interactive elements from a library of Open Source resources available at H5P.org. The content from H5P allows you to create rich and engaging content to your courses for free.

I've summarised them below and later in the post I'll explain how to add them to your own course or website.

Summary of Interactive Course Assets

If you want to see any of these in action then please go to the H5P.org website, here is the link.

Remember that you should only choose to use an asset and add it to your course if it is going to add value either in improving the overall student experience or it helps achieve a learning objective. In other words, avoid using them just for the novelty...

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10 Tips For Choosing a Name for Your Online Fashion Course

course design Feb 05, 2018

In this post, I am going to help you by explaining the key things you should consider when choosing a name for your course. Giving it ample consideration is almost as important as the consideration parents give their children's names. After all, a name says a lot one way or the other.

"So what did you call your children Cheryl?", I hear you saying.

I've named all my four children with what I think are unusual names. Or at least they were unusual compared to the names of other children in our community at the time. OK you're keen to know their names I can tell.

They are Saskia, Scout, Stowe, and Tolmeia. Each has a specific reason behind the choice and an origin that is relevant. I'll explain.

I chose Saskia after being inspired by the work of Dutch artist Rembrandt who had a wife called Saskia van Uylenburgh. I have a love of art history and at the time of my daughter's birth, my husband worked for a Dutch company and made frequent trips to the Netherlands.

Scout was the name...

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Top 10 Features of Great Online Fashion Courses

course design Oct 26, 2017

In this post, you are going to learn about the top 10 features great online fashion courses have in common so that you can develop yours with these in mind. You're also going to learn about how to accommodate the different learning styles that your students have. And later in the post I'll give you a really simple way to remember the key things you need to focus on.

But before we get to that there's something I want to address up front. The course design myth.

There's a myth that online courses need to be developed by a team of people including a coder, subject expert, video and audio guy (or gal), graphic artist, instructional designer, project manager and more.

Whilst this may be true in the corporate sector where account executives are selling large learning management systems (LMS) and huge repositories of e-learning content to large organizations and multi-nationals, thankfully it's not true for the most popular type of courses.

The Most Popular Type of Online Course


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This is How Long Your Online Fashion Course Should Be

course design Oct 10, 2017

In this post, we're going to explore how long your online course should be.  It's a question that always crops up so let's tackle it head-on.

My cheeky response to this question is that it should be long enough to meet your learning objectives. This might seem good enough as an answer but as I said it's cheeky because you really need more explanation in the reply. On the surface that’s not a bad answer, but it’s usually one that doesn’t satisfy either.

There are several factors that determine how long your online fashion course should be, so I'll walk you through these and try and plump up that answer to the question.

Factors That Influence Course Length

Your leaners decide what's enough because they'll stop when they've had their fill or they'll ask for more. So to feed their appetite for learning I recommend delivering the content of your course in digestible chunks or portions. This way the student can take what they want to suit their appetite. Rather...

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Everyone is a Teacher. What's Your Course Going to Be?

course design tutors Oct 03, 2017

This post is going to help you understand that regardless of who you are, your background or professional qualifications, you have the expertise to teach. And, you are already teaching. This makes you a prime candidate for creating your own online fashion courses, promoting them, earning revenue and helping others solve their own challenges.

I fell in love with training and adult education in the early 1980's. My first introduction to training as a career was when I attended a train the trainer course. Five days in London. The hotel accommodation was poor. I couldn't afford anything fancy. My company paid for the course but the accommodation was down to me. It was at a time when the latest technology in our office was a Canon fax. The course trainer used overhead projectors and acetates. If you're too young to know what these are, look here. I remember being wowed by the book he used containing a catalog of silhouettes he used for these acetates to give a more professional...

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The First Step to Creating Your Own Online Fashion Course

course design planning Oct 03, 2017

In this post, we're going to go over one of the most important topics you should be asking yourself. It starts with the question WHY. Before you even put pen to paper or your first finger reaches your keyboard, you need to recognize your personal motivations for creating a course. Having the answer to this question will help you to remain focused and driven to create and launch your course.

And as you read this post you will learn how to use a technique that you can apply in lots of situations in life not just for course creation.

The Importance of the WHY

Getting to understand your why at its deepest level leads to you uncovering the power driver behind you that is propelling you to do something. In this case uncovering your WHY for developing an online fashion course brings your individual emotional drivers to the surface. Then in times of struggle when you are grappling with technology or trying to edit a video and the computer freezes, or you start filming and the battery pack...

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10 Ways to Increase the Completion Rates of Your Courses

course design Oct 01, 2017

In this post we're sharing 10 ways to increase your course completion rates by students. Apply all these techniques and you'll increase completion. Fact.

Apart from the obvious differences between classroom-based courses and those online, perhaps the biggest one is the attrition rates. I've trained thousands of adult learners in the private sector and I am confident that the completion rates on my live, classroom courses are close to 100%. That's almost all course participants enroll and complete the course. There's the odd exception where someone doesn't turn up for the second day due to illness or a domestic issue that means they need to urgently return home.

When it comes, to online classes, all online learning providers experience much lower completion rates. It's just a fact of doing business online. So why do a higher percentage of students drop out?

Reasons For Low Online Course Completion Rates

  1. Courses are too easy and offer no challenge to the student.
  2. ...
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Smoke and Mirrors - a Lesson in Designing and Creating Your Online Course

Several years ago in 2009, spring nearly started in catastrophe for my family and I. We almost saw fire engines and men with yellow helmets hosing us down in water. What a way to start spring, going up in flames!

Fortunately, catastrophe was avoided before any damage was done but it could have been a disastrous ending.

There is a lesson to be shared here, one that will help you when designing and creating your online fashion courses. It’s a lesson about focus and the transformational energy it can produce.

A Lesson in Focus

Here’s what happened.

The fire alarm went off at home. I rushed upstairs to investigate and was greeted by the smell of smoke coming from the bathroom. I carefully opened the door to find the source of the smoke was smoldering on the window sill.

Nearby we had the usual items of bathroom paraphernalia such as cosmetics, toothbrushes, aerosols as well as a free-standing shaving mirror. It's one of those that has two sides where you...

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