All It Takes Are Three Little Letters to Change the World of Fashion

business social medai Oct 06, 2017

In the We Teach Fashion group I set up on LinkedIn several months ago, we have now reached over 500 members and rising. When you're inside the group today it says 502 but when looking from the outside before becoming a member it says 550! LinkedIn says they are aware of this quirk, but frankly, I'm just glad to see it over 500!

This is a great achievement, to have so many people join us, raise their hand and shout fashion education resonates with them. It's time to celebrate that we have reached this milestone. I need to think about something we could do to mark the occasion. I'll come back with some ideas....but for now this point in the group's evolution has prompted me to write this post and share with you something quite profound. Stay with me dear reader to uncover what I mean.

It's More Than Just the Numbers

Growing numbers are only one metric. Now we need to start leveraging the knowledge and experience of our members to make a difference and to drive engagement and...

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