25 Ways to Make Money From your Expertise and Knowledge of Working in Fashion

I frequently get asked what other knowledge type products can people with fashion experience make money from online?

It seems that not everyone wants to create an online course just yet but they DO want to monetise their expertise one way or another.

They can see the potential for selling their fashion expertise and knowledge within products. Whilst they work in fashion during the day, their online products can be sold 24/7. That's a bit of a no-brainer.

Back to that question then.

What knowledge type products can people with fashion experience make money from online?

Let's take a look and explore the potential as there's more than you'd think.


What Kind Of Product Can You Make?

First, you have the key ones such as:

  1. Audio recordings / Interviews of you talking about your experience in fashion or explaining how to do something.
  2. Coaching / Consulting individuals and small fashion businesses.
  3. Ebooks on fashion topics.
  4. Live event recordings. If you run your own live face to...
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How Businesses Serving the Fashion Sector Can Educate Their Customers to Improve Customer Satisfaction

business creating May 12, 2018

For many years since first being published in a Harvard Business Review, it's a generally accepted rule that loyal customers buy more, purchase more often, cost you less to do business with, stay with you longer and are more likely to recommend you to others. So winning and keeping customers is vital to ensure the long-term success of any business.

There are many strategies to build customer loyalty such as building a winning culture in your organisation which I wrote about previously in this post.

You can also educate your customers to help them through the various stages of using your product or service. Offering free online courses are a great way to do this.

Software companies are usually very good at supporting their customers in this way. They know that the more educated their users are the fewer support calls they'll get, the happier the customer is and the fewer complains they'll receive.

The smart consumer will opt to buy from the company that’s...

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Do You Have The Drive and Passion to Make a Difference in Fashion Education?

Have you ever been attacked by a mosquito at night?

Don't you just hate the buzz they make? So annoying when you are trying to get to sleep and the little creatures tease you with their high pitch buzzing as if to say "no you don't"!

There are a few myths about the mosquitoes you hear buzzing near your ears. Some people say that mosquitoes which buzz, don't bite. That's true because as long as they're buzzing, they're flying, so they won't bite you. But as soon as they land, look out. The silence means they could be feeding off of you!


Driven to Make a Difference in Fashion Education

One of the drivers for creating We Teach Fashion and our sister site The Fashion Student Hub, is to change the shape of fashion education. We want to see a more relevant, accessible, egalitarian educational offer.

But you might be thinking, what difference can a small platform like ours make? Are we too small?

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. ...

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Your Expertise and Experience in Fashion is Needed Here

business planning tutor Dec 16, 2017

Have you ever had one of those moments working on your laptop or computer when you’re struggling with something and a colleague or friend, perhaps even one of your children comes along and shows you how to overcome the challenge you're having?

They make it look so easy don't they?

Or perhaps you’ve been on an IT course being taught how to use some software and the trainer shows you a really neat trick. Then suddenly, in that moment, you realise you’ve been wasting time to do something the wrong way, the slow way, the inefficient way....for years?

We’ve all had those moments I’m sure.

They’re when the 'penny drops' and it’s as if a veil has been lifted and suddenly you can see clearly how to do something. The origins of this phrase are thought to have come from the days when people would put coins into a slot machine to retrieve an item or get the machine to work in some way.

From time to time the coin would get stuck and...

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How to Dominate Your Fashion Teaching Niche with Online Courses

business course creation Oct 25, 2017

This week I had a great meeting with Italian fashion designer and lecturer Sabrina Fichi. We met in the famous Piazza della Republica in the city of Florence on a perfect autumn afternoon. Amongst the piazza's many cafes and shops lies the Giubbe Rosse cafe which has long been a meeting place for famous artists and writers, especially those of Futurism.

Sabrina has her own design studio in Pisa and lectures at universities in both Pisa and Florence. We met because she wanted to explore how online learning can help her reach more students, support her private tutoring business and expand her services to a wider audience.

For those lecturers and designers that are in a similar position but perhaps with different specialities, I believe you'll find what we discussed relevant to you too. So both Sabrina and I are happy to share with you the key questions and answers that cropped up in our conversation.

Sabrina comes with significant expertise across many facets of...

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Fashion Graduates Are Unprepared for the Workplace So Here's a Way to Help

business students training Oct 19, 2017

The fashion industry is going through enormous change and many argue it's just not prepared for it. For a sector that is so creative, redesigning itself shouldn't be a problem. Right? But those institutions that prepare the next generation of designers, pattern cutters, marketeers and fashion leaders etc simply will not be able to cope with the scale of the changes required and the need for almost instant training and educational input. It has to come from the industry as a whole.

A generation of employees is coming through that wants instant everything as technology delivers it in the palm of their hands with tablets and even smarter phones.

Accessing learning material has never been easier if you can find it. Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, Co-Founder, EdTechXGlobal says however that "only 2% of education is focussed on digital", so there is a massive opportunity for individual subject experts to step into the learning arena and fill the gap.

Using fashion universities and...

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All It Takes Are Three Little Letters to Change the World of Fashion

business social medai Oct 06, 2017

In the We Teach Fashion group I set up on LinkedIn several months ago, we have now reached over 500 members and rising. When you're inside the group today it says 502 but when looking from the outside before becoming a member it says 550! LinkedIn says they are aware of this quirk, but frankly, I'm just glad to see it over 500!

This is a great achievement, to have so many people join us, raise their hand and shout fashion education resonates with them. It's time to celebrate that we have reached this milestone. I need to think about something we could do to mark the occasion. I'll come back with some ideas....but for now this point in the group's evolution has prompted me to write this post and share with you something quite profound. Stay with me dear reader to uncover what I mean.

It's More Than Just the Numbers

Growing numbers are only one metric. Now we need to start leveraging the knowledge and experience of our members to make a difference and to drive engagement and...

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The Rise of Great Customer Experiences in the Fashion Sector.

Whether or not you are a freelance designer, retailer or international brand, your success lies largely in how well you serve your customers. And in today's rapidly evolving world of globalization and consumer awareness for how clothes are made, paying close attention to the consumer has never been more important.

Customers are precious and need to be guarded like precious stones.

Over the past decade, I've been involved in helping organizations striving to deliver great customer experiences as a strategic differentiator. They've seen that this is their only true point of differentiation because delivering a great customer experience has such an impact on others because of the rapid viral spread of stories about these experiences. Within minutes stories can reach thousands.

The Anatomy of Word of Mouth (WoM) Stories

We've all done it. Told others of our great or crappy customer service experiences. Right now someone is sharing their story about your brand. About their...

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