25 Ways to Make Money From your Expertise and Knowledge of Working in Fashion

I frequently get asked what other knowledge type products can people with fashion experience make money from online?

It seems that not everyone wants to create an online course just yet but they DO want to monetise their expertise one way or another.

They can see the potential for selling their fashion expertise and knowledge within products. Whilst they work in fashion during the day, their online products can be sold 24/7. That's a bit of a no-brainer.

Back to that question then.

What knowledge type products can people with fashion experience make money from online?

Let's take a look and explore the potential as there's more than you'd think.


What Kind Of Product Can You Make?

First, you have the key ones such as:

  1. Audio recordings / Interviews of you talking about your experience in fashion or explaining how to do something.
  2. Coaching / Consulting individuals and small fashion businesses.
  3. Ebooks on fashion topics.
  4. Live event recordings. If you run your own live face to face workshops, then record these and sell them online.
  5. Membership sites for people who want ongoing support and training.
  6. Software that you have developed that can be used by fashion businesses, designers, students or employees. These can be as simple as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files.
  7. Videos or screencasts of you working on a project explaining how to do a task.
  8. Worksheets, spreadsheets or checklists that contain relevant information for users.
  9. And of course online courses which I have written about extensively before. If you're in fashion or teach it then read my post called "How to Dominate Your Fashion Teaching Niche with Online Courses" for an example of a fashion lecturer's approach.


As you can see there are several opportunities to take your fashion knowledge and to create a viable product and make money online from it.

But there are more still.

How about these...

  1. Action Guides giving step by step instructions.
  2. Call-in Days where people call you to discuss issues they have related to your field of expertise.
  3. Case studies based upon your own experiences of working in fashion either in business or education. 
  4. CDs or DVDs containing files or materials that your customers can use to help them in their fashion hobbies, work or careers.
  5. Coaching Club / Mastermind Groups where members pay a monthly fee to access your expertise and network with others.
  6. Community access / forum and Facebook Groups.
  7. Document templates such as TechPacks.
  8. Done For You services. Here you provide a complete service e.g. brand and care label design service.
  9. Live seminars / events.
  10. MP3 recordings that people can listen to as they work, drive or play.
  11. Network Lists – contact lists, vendors, potential partners, resources that you supply to save others the time to research these items.
  12. Phone, Skype or Email Consultations to students on topics relevant to them and your expertise.
  13. Printed books.
  14. Quick Start guides.
  15. Services that relate to the fashion market you work in e.g. branding, retail, Fast Fashion, legal, HR etc.
  16. Teleseminars / Webinars (or a series)


Next Steps to Make Money Online

By now I hope you're asking the question "What's the next step?" If you have fashion subject expertise then you have the potential to earn significant extra income by packaging your knowledge and then selling it online.

Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. From the list above choose anything that immediately you like the sound of and note it down.
  2. Now define your target audience. We have a great tool to help you with this here. It is used when creating an online course but it will work fine for any other product too.
  3. Now brainstorm how you could help this person with the item you selected in step 1.
  4. Then define what to include in the item that will deliver this help.
  5. Next, list out everything you'd need to do to create this item.
  6. Research how to do it or contact us for further advice.
  7. Decide how you would market and promote your item to your audience.
  8. Begin promoting your item to your target audience before you begin creating it. Offer a simple version in exchange for their email address.
  9. Develop the item.
  10. Contact your target audience starting with those on your email list, and make them an offer for the full product or service.


How Long Will it Take?

Depending upon the item you have chosen to develop you could have it ready to promote in a matter of a few hours.

For example, take a look at Fashion Services in Hong Kong. Owner Vicky has developed a series of products that compliment her core consultancy offer. Here's an example of an item that could quite easily have been part of her brainstormed list of ideas. It's an e-book called "HOW TO CREATE TECH PACKS FOR FASHION"

Vicky has taken her fashion subject expertise and developed a useful and practical guide to creating garments for owners of fashion brands.

Or how about Jane Hamill who teaches makers and small business owners the exact systems to get your product in front of more paying customers so they can close the sale more often and live a happy life. Jane is a fashion subject expert with retail experience and has developed numerous revenue streams from selling her expertise both online and offline.

She uses podcasts too in sharing her expertise and building her audience.  

We are Here to Help

We Teach Fashion is here to help you deliver your expertise online. It doesn't matter whether that's through an online course or through digital products or helping you develop a fashion coaching service. Contact us today for a free consultation and chat on how together we can get you monetising your fashion expertise and generating a nice additional income.

We won't tell you how to spend it but we will tell you how to make it!


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