Fashion Graduates Are Unprepared for the Workplace So Here's a Way to Help

business students training Oct 19, 2017

The fashion industry is going through enormous change and many argue it's just not prepared for it. For a sector that is so creative, redesigning itself shouldn't be a problem. Right? But those institutions that prepare the next generation of designers, pattern cutters, marketeers and fashion leaders etc simply will not be able to cope with the scale of the changes required and the need for almost instant training and educational input. It has to come from the industry as a whole.

A generation of employees is coming through that wants instant everything as technology delivers it in the palm of their hands with tablets and even smarter phones.

Accessing learning material has never been easier if you can find it. Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, Co-Founder, EdTechXGlobal says however that "only 2% of education is focussed on digital", so there is a massive opportunity for individual subject experts to step into the learning arena and fill the gap.

Using fashion universities and...

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The Rise of Great Customer Experiences in the Fashion Sector.

Whether or not you are a freelance designer, retailer or international brand, your success lies largely in how well you serve your customers. And in today's rapidly evolving world of globalization and consumer awareness for how clothes are made, paying close attention to the consumer has never been more important.

Customers are precious and need to be guarded like precious stones.

Over the past decade, I've been involved in helping organizations striving to deliver great customer experiences as a strategic differentiator. They've seen that this is their only true point of differentiation because delivering a great customer experience has such an impact on others because of the rapid viral spread of stories about these experiences. Within minutes stories can reach thousands.

The Anatomy of Word of Mouth (WoM) Stories

We've all done it. Told others of our great or crappy customer service experiences. Right now someone is sharing their story about your brand. About their...

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