Do You Have The Drive and Passion to Make a Difference in Fashion Education?

Have you ever been attacked by a mosquito at night?

Don't you just hate the buzz they make? So annoying when you are trying to get to sleep and the little creatures tease you with their high pitch buzzing as if to say "no you don't"!

There are a few myths about the mosquitoes you hear buzzing near your ears. Some people say that mosquitoes which buzz, don't bite. That's true because as long as they're buzzing, they're flying, so they won't bite you. But as soon as they land, look out. The silence means they could be feeding off of you!


Driven to Make a Difference in Fashion Education

One of the drivers for creating We Teach Fashion and our sister site The Fashion Student Hub, is to change the shape of fashion education. We want to see a more relevant, accessible, egalitarian educational offer.

But you might be thinking, what difference can a small platform like ours make? Are we too small?

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. Anita Rodick

The value of education has never been more under the microscope. And thanks to programs such as Project Runway and other celebrity-based shows, fashion education is booming. Tuition fees are exorbitant, with more and more fashion programs and fashion graduates entering the marketplace than ever before. Yet there has been no corresponding marked increase in jobs. 

The "Project Runway Effect" which has led to an enormous increase in interest in fashion amongst the young has generated unrealistic expectations amongst these followers of fashion.

Being Responsible for a Revolution

I read an article recently by Jackie Mallon, who is on the teaching faculty of several NYC fashion programmes and is the author of Silk for the Feed Dogs, a novel set in the international fashion industry. 

She was commenting on the recent decision by Parsons MFA Fashion Design & Society program, to withdraw its participation in the Business of Fashion's Global Ranking of Fashion Schools. Her full article is here.

One part struck a chord with me. In it she said:

"As an educator in this competitive yet highly negligent industry, I am forced to endlessly examine if I am providing students with what I believe to be the right knowledge (often moral rather than skills-based) and find myself conflicted between the damage our industry inflicts and my continuance to operate within it."

This resonated with me because professionals like Jackie have it within their powers to do something about the state of fashion education by sharing their expertise and knowledge online outside of the traditional institutions that have been the sole champions and guardians of fashion education.

There has never been a better time to spread the right education across all continents. To enlighten students to make a difference in the world and seek to change the pattern of behaviour that even Parsons themselves admits is crippled and broken. In their statement, they refer to:

“ industry that promotes unhealthy consumerism; a behavior that has been nurtured and manipulated by the industry for the sake of revenue and growing businesses, and in return contribute to the destruction of our planet and the future of our existence."

What's needed is a revolution in fashion education. An uprising led by individual fashion educators prepared to be the pioneers of truly empowering and transformative fashion education solutions.


Start Buzzing Today and Make an Impact

If you feel strongly about fashion education, don't feel you are too small to make an impact. Remember the mosquito effect.

You can make a difference in your own field, with your own expertise in your own corner of the fashion education arena by creating your own online fashion course. And you don't need qualifications or formal teaching experience either.

Start with something small that a student can take in less than an hour. Enough to make a difference in one area of their skill or knowledge.

To help you on your way we've designed a short entry level course on planning your own online fashion course. In it you'll learn all there is you need to know to plan your own course effectively.

You will:

  • Identify your personal motivations for creating a course which will help you to remain focused and driven to create and launch your course.
  • Learn the differences between entry-level and signature courses, which to start with and why so that you avoid being overwhelmed and can start successfully.
  • Identify your personal course revenue goals so you know how many courses you will need to sell each month to reach these goals giving you a clear target to aim for.
  • Understand the options for hosting your course and delivering the lessons to your students so that you can make an informed choice and avoid making expensive mistakes.
  • Learn the five common characteristics found in courses that sell which means you can build these into your own fashion courses for increased sales success.
  • Identify clearly the best course subjects for you to teach so that you can go on to create a course that students want and one you remain enthusiastic about creating and delivering.
  • Be able to identify your ideal student with laser-sharp focus which means it is easier to develop and promote your course successfully.
  • Know how to validate your course before you start creating it so you waste no time creating a course only to find it does not meet your target audience's needs and doesn't sell.
  • Be able to conduct competitor research so that your course is strategically designed to compete so you can add features and benefits to your course to make it more attractive to students.
  • Know how to differentiate your course so that you can remain competitive and still win students when you come across competitors teaching the same subject.

Then you'll be ready to design and create the content for your course, promote it to students and do your part to change the shape of fashion education. And of course be able to earn an income from your course sales as you serve your students.

Click here to buy the course now and get instant access.

Start buzzing now and make your impact matter!

Cheryl Gregory is the Founder of The Fashion Student Hub, a marketplace for selling online fashion courses, and We Teach Fashion teaching fashion subject experts how to create and promote their own online courses, generate revenue and serve the growing need for online education in the fashion sector.

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