Top Ten Areas Fashion Graduates Need Help In

surveys validation Dec 19, 2017

In this post, I want to share with you the results of a survey I carried out recently. Our aim was to get an idea of what type of skills graduates lacked when entering the fashion workplace for the first time. This is part of our course validation exercise as we plan for the next round of course developments in our pipeline.

We set out to try and identify what are the top areas that recent graduates need to address so they can make that transition from the fulltime 'education' place to fulltime 'employment' place. I am careful not to say workplace there because I realise how much hard work many students do as they progress through university, college or art school. It doesn't seem right to imply education places aren' t workplaces.

Survey respondents were not recent fashion graduates but experienced fashion professionals working in either in fashion education, the industry or both. I chose this audience because I wanted feedback from professionals that could take...

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12 Places to Find Your Profitable Fashion Course Topic to Teach

The worst thing you can do is to decide upon a course to teach without knowing if anyone really cares about that topic. As teachers of fashion, we need to be confident that what we have in mind is actually going to be relevant and needed by students.


So how do we do that? Where do we look for our students? How do we figure out what it is they are struggling with?

Well read on and find out the answer to these questions and more as well as how to access our free fashion subject research tool.

When I was a kid growing up in a sleepy Cotswold village in the UK, I'd often hang out at the local playground or rec (a rec is the local playing field and recreation area for the community.) Or sometimes at a friend's house to play our latest records, which were vinyl by the way.

Wherever it was, hanging around with friends and with people who I had something in common with meant that conversations were had. We chatted about all manner of things from the problems we faced with...

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