Here Are Four Options for Creating An Online Fashion Course. Which Should You Choose?

course creation Apr 17, 2020

You will have heard lots about creating online courses as a means to generate income or build your brand. In the current situation it may well be something you are thinking seriously about to make an income. Whether you are sitting at home unable to work, or still working but remotely.

But what are your options for making it all happen? If you've been following us for some time you'll know that we've written extensively advising you about the nitty gritty of course creation. Just take a look at our blog.

In this post, though we're zooming out and giving you the broader options so you can see what choices you have apart from the DIY route. We're not going to be selling you on the idea of creating online fashion courses or highlighting all the benefits for you or your business. If you've still need convincing we'll leave that for another time.

Read this post for some great advice to help you determine what's the best route for you to take if creating an online fashion course is on...

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Have You Heard About Repurposing Your Fashion Experience and Getting Paid Twice?

For many of us, it's that time of year again where we need to put the heating on at work and at home to keep warm. It is after all November so we have to expect fuel bills to rise.

A flick of a switch and a few minutes later the chill is off the room. We can work, we can play, we can eat, we can wash and we can sleep in the comfort of central heating and warm homes. If we're fortunate enough to have heating and a roof over our heads that is.

But of course, central heating is not always on hand. A few years ago Mark and I spent some time in south-west France. We rented a house (converted barn) on the edge of the Midi-Pyrenees. There was no central heating and the only way to keep warm during the winter months was from small electric wall heaters and a log fire.

This meant for Mark, organising the firewood became a top priority, and as anyone that has ever had to take on this task knows, it has its hidden benefits.

As the saying goes...

Chop your own wood and...

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25 Ways to Make Money From your Expertise and Knowledge of Working in Fashion

I frequently get asked what other knowledge type products can people with fashion experience make money from online?

It seems that not everyone wants to create an online course just yet but they DO want to monetise their expertise one way or another.

They can see the potential for selling their fashion expertise and knowledge within products. Whilst they work in fashion during the day, their online products can be sold 24/7. That's a bit of a no-brainer.

Back to that question then.

What knowledge type products can people with fashion experience make money from online?

Let's take a look and explore the potential as there's more than you'd think.


What Kind Of Product Can You Make?

First, you have the key ones such as:

  1. Audio recordings / Interviews of you talking about your experience in fashion or explaining how to do something.
  2. Coaching / Consulting individuals and small fashion businesses.
  3. Ebooks on fashion topics.
  4. Live event recordings. If you run your own live face to...
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Understanding Where to Host Your Online Course

I often get asked by people interested in creating their own online courses, where do they publish them? In this post I'm going to give you a quick overview to answer that question.

At some point, before you even create your course, you’re going to have to decide how and where you’re going to host your course. In other words, you must find a place for it to live. Read this article to get a better understanding of the options available to you.

You'll learn about:

  • Three online course hosting options and the benefits and differences of each.
  • Where to sell your online fashion courses.
  • How to avoid having to learn about the technology.

Then at the end of the article I'll tell you where to get some free training to help you get started creating and selling your own online fashion courses.

What Hosting Means

Every website consists of a collection of files that are hosted on a server somewhere around the world and the pages of the website are accessible through an internet...

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If It's Good Enough for Brain Surgery, It's Good Enough for Fashion Design

fashion experts Mar 07, 2020

It is not the strongest that survives, 
nor the most intelligent, but the one 
most responsive to change.
Charles Darwin


A Clash of Beliefs

This post is essentially about one man's view why fashion design cannot be taught online and one woman's view why it can! Don't miss this one. 

I recently had an exchange of comments on LinkedIn by someone describing themselves as a 'Creative Catalyst' who vehemently held a belief that there was no place for teaching fashion design online.

His view was that it is impossible to teach fashion design online and that anyone or any organisation that was adopting this approach was ripping off gullible students clamoring to become successful.

His view was in my mind narrow, misinformed, and outdated. Truly part of a limited mindset.

I do agree that there are aspects of design that require time in a studio. Mixing with tutors, and fellow students to benefit from the creative process involved and to practice a skill brings its own...

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Fashion Studies Online Tutor Feels Like an Impostor

planning tutor Feb 01, 2020

In this post I am going to help you to understand that just because you have never taught subjects, you'd find in fashion studies online before, this does not make you some kind of impostor.  We all have a right to do things for the first time—this post I have created because of a conversation I had with a potential course creator recently.

She said that she didn't feel qualified to teach online because she had no formal teaching qualifications. "Why would someone pay to be taught by anyone that had never taught before?", she asked.

I told her she was suffering from a degree of impostor syndrome.

Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

According to Wikipedia 

Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

The term was first...

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Your Questions Answers - How to Get Started

fashion experts Jan 31, 2020

Cheryl Gregory, co-founder of The Fashion Student Hub and We Teach Fashion answers some of your frequently asked questions about her two fashion education platforms.

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Getting Started Creating Your First Online Fashion Course

online courses planning Jan 24, 2020

In this post, I am going to share with you the four course types or models that online course creators in the new knowledge economy are creating for every discipline under the sun. You name it there will be someone somewhere who has developed an online course.

There’s still plenty of room for your expertise in the field of fashion so there’s every opportunity for you to dominate your niche and be known for your expertise and as the go-to person for help in your field.

Here are the four types you are going to learn about:

1.       Entry Level Courses

2.       Signature Courses

3.       Coaching and Mentoring Models

4.       Membership Models


So here goes. Heads down. No need to take notes I’ll give them to you later.

1.  Entry Level Courses

Entry level courses are smaller, focussed courses that deal with one key problem or challenge...

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Publishing Your Courses is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy is an elaboration on easy-peasymeaning“ extremely easy or simple.”

We've made it remarkably easy to get your first online fashion course online and selling. We have a complete done for you publishing and hosting service. It means all you have to do is take care of the course content itself so that your students achieve their desired results.

Creating online courses has become big business with a global explosion across thousands of topics. But normally when you choose a hosting partner to host your content or a platform where you'll manage everything about your courses yourself, there's always a steep learning curve to get your courses published and online for sale.

After all, these are software services letting you manage your assets or courses online so technology is involved and for those unfamiliar with the process, it can be daunting.

As much as the providers try to make their platforms as user-friendly as...

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How to Turn Your Fashion Book into an Online Course

books to courses planning Sep 21, 2018

Do you have a fashion book published or one in the making? Have you got a manuscript that you have finished but never got around to actually publishing it? Would you like to generate extra income from the content of your fashion book?

Well in this post I share with you some advice on how to take your fashion book and turn it into an online course and use this to generate extra income.

Creating a course is a way of “repurposing content”, to recycle something already written in a different format so that you can squeeze additional income out of the same piece of work. 

If done well it can be highly profitable for the fashion author.

There are numerous ways to repurpose your fashion book content and build upon your expertise and experience. For example:

  • Selling related services.
  • Selling software relevant to the topic including apps.
  • Consulting / Coaching on the topic of your book.
  • Speaking at events.
  • Facilitating workshops on your book's topic.
  • Creating and...
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